Keep Your Distance

Keep Your Distance

Album by Curiosity Killed the Cat
Keep Your Distance is the debut album by the British band Curiosity Killed the Cat, released in April 1987. It debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Chart, and is their only album to chart on the Billboard 200, reaching #55.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock , Alternative/Indie Rock , Alternative Pop/Rock , Contemporary Pop/Rock
Release Date1987
ArtistCuriosity Killed the Cat


  • 1MisfitCuriosity Killed the Cat4:04
  • 2Down to EarthCuriosity Killed the Cat4:21
  • 3FreeCuriosity Killed the Cat4:02
  • 4Know What You KnowCuriosity Killed the Cat3:54
  • 5Curiosity Killed the CatCuriosity Killed the Cat3:11
  • 6Ordinary DayCuriosity Killed the Cat3:53
  • 7Mile HighCuriosity Killed the Cat4:08
  • 8Red LightsCuriosity Killed the Cat5:34
  • 9Shallow MemoryCuriosity Killed the Cat4:31
  • 10Misfit [Extended Version]Curiosity Killed the Cat7:05
  • 11Down To Earth [Extended Version]Curiosity Killed the Cat6:03
  • 12Ordinary Day [Extended Version]Curiosity Killed the Cat5:21
  • 13Mile High [Mile Long Mix]Curiosity Killed the Cat8:09
  • 14BulletCuriosity Killed the Cat3:40
  • 15ManCuriosity Killed the Cat3:53
  • 16Corruption [Dub]Curiosity Killed the Cat5:26

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