London Town

London Town

Album by Wings
London Town is the sixth studio album by the British–American rock group Wings. It was released in March 1978, two years after its predecessor, Wings at the Speed of Sound.Wikipedia
GenreSoft Rock, Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Album Rock
Release DateMarch 31, 1978
ArtistPaul McCartney, Paul McCartney & Wings, Wings


  • 1London TownWings, Paul McCartney & Wings4:09
  • 2Cafe on the Left BankPaul McCartney & Wings, Wings3:26
  • 3I'm CarryingWings, Paul McCartney & Wings2:44
  • 4Backwards TravellerPaul McCartney & Wings, Wings1:09
  • 5Cuff LinkWings, Paul McCartney & Wings2:01
  • 6Children ChildrenPaul McCartney & Wings, Wings2:22
  • 7GirlfriendWings, Paul McCartney & Wings4:41
  • 8I've Had EnoughPaul McCartney & Wings, Wings3:05
  • 9With a Little LuckWings, Paul McCartney & Wings5:46
  • 10Famous GroupiesWings, Paul McCartney & Wings3:35
  • 11Deliver Your ChildrenWings, Paul McCartney & Wings4:17
  • 12Name and AddressWings, Paul McCartney & Wings3:08
  • 13Don't Let It Bring You DownPaul McCartney & Wings, Wings4:35
  • 14Morse Moose and the Grey GooseWings, Paul McCartney & Wings6:26

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