Cancer patient gifted blanket with late husband's shirt sewn into it

An elderly woman recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer receives a very personal Christmas gift from her granddaughter: a blanket with a shirt of her late husband sewn into it. The video, captured on December 25, 2017, in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, shows the grandmother unwrapping the blanket to find one of her husband's shirts stitched on it. ''Now he'll be with you and you can bring it to your chemo treatments and it will be like he's right there with you,'' says granddaughter Madeline Smith in the video. The grandmother then covers her face with the blanket and cannot hold back her tears. The filmer writes: ''My grandmother was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and started chemo treatments two weeks before Christmas. ''It has been a very hard time for her, not only because cancer is a hard thing to battle but also because my grandpa is not there with her. ''They had a remarkable love. He proposed on their second date and were married for 56 years when he passed about four years ago. ''I wanted to find some way to create a gift that she could bring with her to her treatments that made her feel like my grandpa was with her, when the idea of the blanket popped in my head.'' ''It was a very special moment that caught everyone off guard. She had such a genuine reactions and completely broke down when she realized what it was.'' ''The idea was that she can now be 'wrapped in his arms' through it all. It was a very magical moment for everyone and we could all definitely feel my grandpa there with us.''
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