Meet the Beatles!

Meet the Beatles!

Album by The Beatles
Meet the Beatles! is a studio album by the English rock band the Beatles, released as their second album in the United States.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Contemporary Pop/Rock, British Invasion, AM Pop, Early Pop/Rock, Merseybeat
Release DateJanuary 20, 1964
ArtistThe Beatles


  • 1I Want to Hold Your Hand [Mono]The Beatles2:27
  • 2I Saw Her Standing There [Mono]The Beatles2:54
  • 3This Boy [Mono]The Beatles2:15
  • 4It Won't Be Long [Mono]The Beatles2:13
  • 5All I've Got to Do [Mono]The Beatles2:04
  • 6All My Loving [Mono]The Beatles2:08
  • 7Don't Bother Me [Mono]The Beatles2:29
  • 8Little Child [Mono]The Beatles1:48
  • 9Till There Was You [Mono]The Beatles2:15
  • 10Hold Me Tight [Mono]The Beatles2:33
  • 11I Wanna Be Your Man [Mono]The Beatles1:58
  • 12Not a Second Time [Mono]The Beatles2:10
  • 13I Want to Hold Your Hand [Stereo]The Beatles2:27
  • 14I Saw Her Standing There [Stereo]The Beatles2:55
  • 15This Boy [Stereo]The Beatles2:15
  • 16It Won't Be Long [Stereo]The Beatles2:13
  • 17All I've Got to Do [Stereo]The Beatles2:04
  • 18All My Loving [Stereo]The Beatles2:08
  • 19Don't Bother Me [Stereo]The Beatles2:29
  • 20Little Child [Stereo]The Beatles1:48
  • 21Till There Was You [Stereo]The Beatles2:15
  • 22Hold Me Tight [Stereo]The Beatles2:33
  • 23I Wanna Be Your Man [Stereo]The Beatles2:01
  • 24Not a Second Time [Stereo]The Beatles2:05