Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols

American actress (1932–2022)
Actress and singer who had a career as a jazz vocalist before and after she starred on the TV series Star Trek.
BornDecember 28, 1932
HometownRobbins, Illinois, United States of America
Net worth$500 thousand
Height5'3" (1.61m)
SpouseDuke Mondy (m 1968 - 1972) , Foster Johnson (m 1951 - 1951)
ChildrenKyle Johnson
ParentsSamuel Earl Nichols , Lishia Parks Nichols


Credit: Getty Images, Rotten Tomatoes, Gracenote Media Services

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Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols' ashes headed for solar orbit in 'eternal memorial'

  • Nichelle Nichols will become the latest member of the original Star Trek TV series to be memorialised by having some of her remains flown into deep space. Nichols, who was best known for her role on the show in the 1960s as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura and helped shatter racial stereotypes at the height of the Civil Rights movement, died in July aged 89. Now, she has been added to a memorial flight in a rocket ship due to carry cremated ashes and DNA samples from departed space enthusiasts on a final and eternal voyage around the sun, according to organisers of the tribute.


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