Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones

American record producer and composer
One of the most accomplished figures in modern music, crossing jazz, R&B, film music, and pop over a seven-decade career entailing 27 Grammy awards.
BornMarch 14, 1933
HometownChicago, Illinois, United States of America
Net worth$500 million
Height5'7" (1.69m)
SpouseUlla Jones , Jeri Caldwell , Peggy Lipton
PartnerNastassja Kinski
ChildrenRashida Jones , Kidada Jones , Kenya Kinski-Jones , Quincy Jones III , Jolie Jones , Martina Jones , Rachel Jones
ParentsQuincy Delight Jones , Sarah Frances Wells


Credit: Getty Images, Rotten Tomatoes, Gracenote Media Services

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