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Millionaire rapper Rick Ross spent $400 on burgers for his crew

Millionaire rapper Rick Ross spent $400 on burgers for his crew - and then invited all the catering staff to a pool party at his mega mansion. The 27-year-old artist held his annual Rick Ross Car and Bike Show in the grounds of his sprawling 109-room $5.8 million Georgia mansion named 'The Promise Land'. He asked burger truck Shack Attack to cater the event in Fayetteville, on June 3. But staff were shocked when he pulled up in a golf cart and handed staff four $100 bills for around 40 burgers, fries and lemonade for his entire entourage. A video shows him handing a staff member $400 while saying: "I want motherf***ing $400 worth of burgers right now." Shelby Ford, whose partner runs the burger business said: “Rick Ross had heard about our food in the past, so he specifically requested our burgers for his event. “He gave us $400 and ordered burgers with lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes and ketchup. “He was a very nice person and very generous - a great tipper. All his staff came to eat at our truck afterwards. “After that, he invited us to a pool party at his house.” The car show saw the rapper show his 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air, as well as vehicles owned by enthusiasts including a purple Lamborghini Huracán with an airbrushed portrait of Kobe Bryant across its hood and a lime green C8 Corvette Z06. Fayetteville County authorities initially turned down the rapper’s request for a permit to hold the event, it was reported.
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