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Latest news, photos and video of the British royal family, including the Queen and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; Prince Charles and Camilla, Duke and Duchess of Cornwall; Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their children Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte; and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

  • The Independent

    ‘It was destroying my mental health’: Prince Harry opens up about stepping back from royal family

    ‘It was a really difficult environment as I think a lot of people saw,’ says Duke

  • The Telegraph

    The old, funtime Prince Harry played it perfectly for his US audience

    It was the old Prince Harry that we all know and love, game for a laugh and happy to send himself up. Larking about with US chat show host James Corden on an open top bus tour through Los Angeles, there is no denying Harry’s first interview since leaving the Royal family was 17 minutes of TV gold. From the revelation that the Queen gave her great-grandson Archie a waffle maker for Christmas to the sixth-in-line to the throne rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune, it was pitched as light entertainment. But it soon became apparent that the carefully-choreographed recording had a much heavier agenda than casual chit-chat over tea and scones. Borrowing boldly from the Hollywood playbook of mixing business with pleasure, the megabucks deal the Sussexes signed with Netflix last September came along for the ride as Harry extolled the virtues of The Crown. Most of his relatives have been so offended by its depiction of the Royals as gin-swilling sociopaths that they have refused to watch it, but not seemingly, the Queen’s grandson, who prefers it to “the stories written about my family, or my wife or myself". I’m not quite sure Prince Charles would agree, but then again, he’s not the one paying the bills any more. While next Sunday’s 90-minute Oprah special is largely focusing on Meghan, with a side order of Harry, this was about serving up a slice of Montecito monarchy to an eager American audience. Hence the rather laboured references to Royals not carrying cash or travelling on buses, which the Yanks lap up as greedily as episodes of Downton Abbey.

  • Evening Standard

    Did Prince Harry’s James Corden interview overshadow the Queen’s vaccination message? & how offices will change post-pandemic

    Prince Harry’s appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden, and revealed how his mental health was “being destroyed” by the UK media before he and Meghan left for LA. The Evening Standard’s Lizzie Edmonds says that’s a rare intervention by the Monarch, but with so much attention being given to Harry’s interview it may not have the impact it was expected to. Also, our city editor Jim Armitage joins the show to talk about the future of office working once London’s unlocked.

  • The Telegraph

    Prince Harry and James Corden's matching ‘normcore’ polo shirts are the backbone of a blue-blood wardrobe

    Unlike his father Prince Charles, and to a certain degree his brother Prince Willliam, the youngest of the Windsor trio takes a deliberately downplayed approach to his clothes. Perhaps it’s the erstwhile rapscallion image, or perhaps it's down to his days in the military, but his approach to dressing has always been more casual, muted and nondescript - all the better to thwart the British press in their efforts to write about him. In his latest media outing, via the medium of hightailing around LA on an open-topped bus with James Corden, the prince falls back on one item that’s stood the test of time: his trusty polo shirt. He might be living amongst the A-list and focusing on some very on-brand-for-California activism, but his affinity for polo shirts shows he’s a British blue blood at heart. Because the polo shirt is as much part of British aristocratic life as stiff upper lips, Norland nannies and chocolate labs.

  • Evening Standard

    Prince Philip to spend second weekend in hospital in longest-ever stay

    Last night was the duke’s tenth night at the King Edward VII clinic in central London but he is expected to stay in over the weekend, according to The Sun. In 2013, he spent 11 days in hospital after an operation on his abdomen. Prince Philip, who turns 100 on June 10, was admitted into hospital last Tuesday as a precautionary measure after feeling unwell.

  • The Telegraph

    How Prince Harry and James Corden struck up their royal bromance

    There’s feverish excitement about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey next month. However, another TV host has got in there first: James Corden, who took Harry on a tour of LA, and asked him some intimate questions about his family life. Yet their pally segment, which aired on CBS’s Late Late Show last night, is the culmination of a long, perhaps unlikely bromance. Corden and his wife Julia Carey attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding back in 2018. On his show, Corden said he’d had “quite the weekend”, describing it “as one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever been to. It was gorgeous, the whole affair, it was happy and it was joyous. It was uplifting.” He shared a picture of himself during the ceremony looking glum, quipping “In my defense, what face do you make whilst you’re watching a cellist in a church?”, and revealed that he’d almost interrupted the ceremony when he had a sneezing fit caused by an allergic reaction to all the flowers. But, he added, it was “Britain at its finest.” In fact, Corden didn’t just attend the church wedding - he emceed the private reception afterwards at Frogmore House. Speaking to People, Corden described it as catering to about 185 people, “a smaller dinner, close friends and family. And Harry asked if I would do a performance of some kind.” Did he really dress up as Henry VIII, as part of a joke about not knowing what to wear to a royal wedding? Corden said he did indeed don a Tudor outfit, and admitted he does look “a bit like Henry VIII.” The Mirror also reports a source saying that Corden “compered a dance-off between Harry, Charles and William” at the event. “Everyone was laughing because it’s something no one expected. Meghan and her mum also joined in. Then everyone danced, which really kicked off the party.”

  • The Guardian

    Prince Harry defends Netflix's The Crown in James Corden interview

    Prince Harry defends Netflix's The Crown in James Corden interviewDuke of Sussex says he is happier with series than news stories about Meghan or his family

  • Evening Standard

    Prince Harry’s bombshell interview: Meghan and I did not walk away... I did what any husband would do

    The Duke of Sussex says life is in public service - but he left UK because his mental health was being destroyed

  • The Independent

    Prince Harry reveals who he’d like to play him in The Crown during James Corden interview

    Harry spoke about the hit Netflix series with the Late Late Show host during an open-top bus tour of Los Angeles, and offered his personal views over The Crown’s portrayal of the real-life royals

  • Yahoo Style UK

    'He looks like the Harry of old': Royal experts weigh in on Prince Harry’s interview with James Corden

    One expert believes the timing of Harry's candid interview with James Corden may frustrate Buckingham Palace.