Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Album by Al Wilson
Show and Tell is an album by American soul singer, Al Wilson. Released in 1973, it includes the number one pop and top ten R&B hit title track, "Show and Tell".Wikipedia
GenreR&B, Soul, Smooth Soul
Release Date1973
ArtistAl Wilson


  • 1Show and TellAl Wilson (singer)3:27
  • 2I'm Out to Get YouAl Wilson (singer)3:38
  • 3Queen of the GhettoAl Wilson (singer)2:54
  • 4Touch and GoAl Wilson (singer)3:10
  • 5My SongAl Wilson (singer)3:47
  • 6Broken HomeAl Wilson (singer)3:45
  • 7What You SeeAl Wilson (singer)3:53
  • 8Love Me Gentle, Love Me BlindAl Wilson (singer)4:00
  • 9Moonlightin'Al Wilson (singer)3:39
  • 10For Cryin' Out LoudAl Wilson (singer)3:39
  • 11Song for YouAl Wilson (singer)5:43