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10 films that shed light on the late Queen

  • Perhaps the most revealing aspect of cinema’s thinking on the subject of Queen Elizabeth II is that cinema has done so little of it. When the Queen was depicted on film during her lifetime, it was typically in short, sharp, cameo-like doses: she was the embodiment of Britishness, regality and/or dignity, there either to help set a scene, or – in the likes of Austin Powers and National Lampoon’s European Vacation – vertiginously raise the comic stakes.


The Importance Of Being Earnest 2018 - Trailer

Jack, Algy, Gwendolyn and Cecily discover how unsmooth runs the course of true love, while Lady Bracknell keeps a baleful eye on the mayhem of manners.MyMovies, trailer, 2019, Event Cinema, Event Director, Fiona Button, Jeremy Swift, Pippa Nixon, Sophie Thompson, Stella Gonet, Michael Fentiman
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