Best of Marillion

Best of Marillion

Compilation album by Marillion
The Best of Marillion is a compilation album from the band Marillion. The songs come from both the Fish era and Steve Hogarth era of the band. It was released in mainland Europe only. It contains no previously unreleased material.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock , Prog-Rock , Art Rock , Album Rock , Neo-Prog
Release DateOctober 28, 2003


  • 1Garden PartyMarillion4:34
  • 2AssassingMarillion3:38
  • 3KayleighMarillion3:36
  • 4LavenderMarillion3:43
  • 5Heart of LothianMarillion3:37
  • 6IncommunicadoMarillion3:58
  • 7Sugar MiceMarillion5:01
  • 8Warm Wet CirclesMarillion4:24
  • 9Hooks in YouMarillion2:56
  • 10EasterMarillion4:31
  • 11Cover My Eyes (Pain & Heaven)Marillion3:54
  • 12No One CanMarillion4:42
  • 13Dry LandMarillion4:04
  • 14SympathyMarillion3:26
  • 15Alone Again in the Lap of LuxuryMarillion4:29
  • 16BeautifulMarillion4:23
  • 17Man of a Thousand FacesMarillion3:36
  • 18Between You and MeMarillion4:17

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