The Complete Studio Recordings

The Complete Studio Recordings

Compilation album by Led Zeppelin
The Complete Studio Recordings is a ten compact disc box set by the English rock group Led Zeppelin, released by Atlantic Records on 24 September 1993.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, Heavy Metal, British Blues, Arena Rock, Blues, Hard Rock, Regional Blues, Album Rock, British Metal
Release DateSeptember 24, 1993
ArtistLed Zeppelin, Sandy Denny


  • 1Good Times Bad TimesLed Zeppelin2:46
  • 2Babe I'm Gonna Leave YouLed Zeppelin6:41
  • 3You Shook MeLed Zeppelin6:28
  • 4Dazed and ConfusedLed Zeppelin6:26
  • 5Your Time Is Gonna ComeLed Zeppelin4:14
  • 6Black Mountain SideLed Zeppelin2:05
  • 7Communication BreakdownLed Zeppelin2:28
  • 8I Can't Quit You BabyLed Zeppelin4:45
  • 9How Many More TimesLed Zeppelin8:29
  • 10Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin5:34
  • 11What Is and What Should Never BeLed Zeppelin4:44
  • 12Lemon SongLed Zeppelin6:19
  • 13Thank YouLed Zeppelin4:47
  • 14HeartbreakerLed Zeppelin4:14
  • 15Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)Led Zeppelin2:39
  • 16Ramble OnLed Zeppelin4:23
  • 17Moby DickLed Zeppelin4:21
  • 18Bring It on HomeLed Zeppelin4:20
  • 19Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin2:23
  • 20FriendsLed Zeppelin3:54
  • 21Celebration DayLed Zeppelin3:28
  • 22Since I've Been Loving YouLed Zeppelin7:24
  • 23Out on the TilesLed Zeppelin4:05
  • 24Gallows PoleLed Zeppelin4:56
  • 25TangerineLed Zeppelin2:57
  • 26That's the WayLed Zeppelin5:37
  • 27Bron-Y-Aur StompLed Zeppelin4:16
  • 28Hats off to (Roy) HarperLed Zeppelin3:42
  • 29Black DogLed Zeppelin4:54
  • 30Rock and RollLed Zeppelin3:40
  • 31Battle of EvermoreLed Zeppelin5:51
  • 32Stairway to HeavenLed Zeppelin8:00
  • 33Misty Mountain HopLed Zeppelin4:38
  • 34Four SticksLed Zeppelin4:44
  • 35Going to CaliforniaLed Zeppelin3:31
  • 36When the Levee BreaksLed Zeppelin7:07
  • 37Song Remains the SameLed Zeppelin5:28
  • 38Rain SongLed Zeppelin7:39
  • 39Over the Hills and Far AwayLed Zeppelin4:47
  • 40CrungeLed Zeppelin3:13
  • 41Dancing DaysLed Zeppelin3:41
  • 42D'Yer Mak'erLed Zeppelin4:22
  • 43No QuarterLed Zeppelin6:59
  • 44OceanLed Zeppelin4:30
  • 45Achilles Last StandLed Zeppelin10:22
  • 46For Your LifeLed Zeppelin6:20
  • 47Royal OrleansLed Zeppelin2:58
  • 48Nobody's Fault But MineLed Zeppelin6:27
  • 49Candy Store RockLed Zeppelin4:07
  • 50Hots on for NowhereLed Zeppelin4:43
  • 51Tea for OneLed Zeppelin9:27
  • 52Custard PieLed Zeppelin4:13
  • 53RoverLed Zeppelin5:36
  • 54In My Time of DyingLed Zeppelin11:04
  • 55Houses of the HolyLed Zeppelin4:01
  • 56Trampled Under FootLed Zeppelin5:35
  • 57KashmirLed Zeppelin8:31
  • 58In the LightLed Zeppelin8:44
  • 59Bron-Yr-AurLed Zeppelin2:06
  • 60Down by the SeasideLed Zeppelin5:14
  • 61Ten Years GoneLed Zeppelin6:31
  • 62Night FlightLed Zeppelin3:36
  • 63Wanton SongLed Zeppelin4:06
  • 64Boogie With StuLed Zeppelin3:51
  • 65Black Country WomanLed Zeppelin4:24
  • 66Sick AgainLed Zeppelin4:43
  • 67In the EveningLed Zeppelin6:49
  • 68South Bound SaurezLed Zeppelin4:12
  • 69Fool in the RainLed Zeppelin6:12
  • 70Hot DogLed Zeppelin3:17
  • 71CarouselambraLed Zeppelin10:32
  • 72All My LoveLed Zeppelin5:53
  • 73I'm Gonna CrawlLed Zeppelin5:30
  • 74We're Gonna GrooveLed Zeppelin2:37
  • 75Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:02
  • 76I Can't Quit You BabyLed Zeppelin4:16
  • 77Walter's WalkLed Zeppelin4:31
  • 78Ozone BabyLed Zeppelin3:35
  • 79DarleneLed Zeppelin4:37
  • 80Bonzo's MontreuxLed Zeppelin4:18
  • 81Wearing and TearingLed Zeppelin5:28
  • 82Baby Come on HomeLed Zeppelin4:29
  • 83Travelling Riverside BluesLed Zeppelin5:09
  • 84White Summer/Black Mountain SideLed Zeppelin8:01
  • 85Hey Hey What Can I DoLed Zeppelin3:56

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