Then Play On

Then Play On

Album by Fleetwood Mac
Then Play On is the third studio album by the British blues rock band Fleetwood Mac, released on 19 September 1969. It was the first of their original albums to feature Danny Kirwan and the last with Peter Green.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, British Blues, Blues, Blues-Rock, Regional Blues, Album Rock
Release DateSeptember 19, 1969
ArtistFleetwood Mac, Christine McVie


  • 1Coming Your WayFleetwood Mac3:47
  • 2Closing My EyesFleetwood Mac4:55
  • 3Show-Biz BluesFleetwood Mac3:54
  • 4My DreamFleetwood Mac3:33
  • 5UnderwayFleetwood Mac2:54
  • 6Oh WellFleetwood Mac9:02
  • 7Although the Sun Is ShiningFleetwood Mac2:25
  • 8Rattlesnake ShakeFleetwood Mac3:32
  • 9Searching for MadgeFleetwood Mac6:58
  • 10Fighting for MadgeFleetwood Mac2:48
  • 11When You SayFleetwood Mac4:32
  • 12Like CryingFleetwood Mac2:24
  • 13Before the BeginningFleetwood Mac3:26