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Scarlett Johansson says 'intense' in Wes Anderson world

  • Living in the Spanish desert on a quirky film set imagined by director Wes Anderson for his latest mind-bending movie was an "intense" experience, actress Scarlett Johansson said Wednesday. His style is so unique it has spawned its own trend of people filming scenes from their lives on TikTok as if they were in a Wes Anderson movie.


British actor Tilda Swinton on playing two roles in 'The Eternal Daughter'

Oscar-winning actor Tilda Swinton has worked with some of the world's most gifted directors: Jim Jarmusch, Wes Anderson, Bong Joon-ho and the Coen brothers. Her latest film is her third with her longtime friend and collaborator, British director Joanna Hogg. "The Eternal Daughter" is a contemplation of life and death, with the British actor playing both the mother and the daughter. She speaks to Eve Jackson about the thrill of playing multiple roles in one project, the films of her career that always stay with her and why she loves being onscreen with her dogs. On the 30th anniversary of Sally Potter's "Orlando", she also talks about why Virginia Woolf's story about a time-travelling, sex-changing figure is not about gender.Read more on FRANCE 24 English
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