• 1DisorderJoy Division3:36
  • 2Day of the LordsJoy Division4:49
  • 3CandidateJoy Division3:05
  • 4InsightJoy Division4:00
  • 5New Dawn FadesJoy Division4:47
  • 6She's Lost ControlJoy Division3:40
  • 7ShadowplayJoy Division3:55
  • 8WildernessJoy Division2:38
  • 9InterzoneJoy Division2:16
  • 10I Remember NothingJoy Division6:00

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40 years of Joy Division's Closer: Five albums that wouldn't be the same without it

  • Four decades have now passed since Joy Division released Closer. It was their second album, released a year and three days after their groundbreaking debut, Unknown Pleasures, and it arrived in the gusts of a tragic aftermath — just two months prior, their lead vocalist Ian Curtis had passed away.The context of the album’s release immediately imbued it with a morbid darkness, and that gloomy intrigue was only strengthened by its funereal aesthetic. The sombre album cover depicted a tomb, the studio production was icy and cobwebbed and, above all, Curtis’ lyrics were a portrait of a haunted, desperate mind.