Biden inauguration

Biden Inauguration

  • The Independent

    ‘More a will than a political programme’: Russia reacts to inauguration of ‘old man’ Joe Biden

    One commentator dismissed Biden as obsessed with minority rights

  • The Independent

    Up to Joe Biden whether he wants bust of Churchill in Oval Office, says Boris Johnson

    Image of wartime leader has made way for heroes of civil rights era

  • The Guardian

    Joe Biden's Peloton bike may pose cybersecurity risk, experts warn

    Joe Biden's Peloton bike may pose cybersecurity risk, experts warnPresident reportedly starts each day with workout on exercise bike, which streams virtual group classes

  • The Independent

    What are Joe Biden’s plans to fight climate change?

    President Joe Biden’s time in the White House could have significant impact on the climate crisis and give the world a fighting chance of keeping global temperatures in check, scientists say. The president’s climate plan is the boldest in US history, proposing a $2tn investment in clean energy to create carbon-free electricity by 2035. Mr Biden rejoined the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement on Inauguration Day . Leaders around the world heralded the return of the US to the international pact to limit global heating to well below 2C.

  • The Telegraph

    What executive actions has President Joe Biden taken?

    President Joe Biden launched his administration with a bang, heading to the Oval Office to sign a record 17 executive actions on day one. Whereas most newly inaugurated presidents choose to start their tenure with a glamourous celebration and ball, Biden headed straight for the Oval Office and begin unpicking the legacy of his predecessor Donald Trump. Below is a list of all the orders Biden signed to kick off his administration. Wednesday January 20 Census All undocumented residents of the US must be counted in the census and apportionment of Congressional representatives. Coronavirus The '100 Days Masking Challenge' requests that every American wear a mask for the next 100 days to combat the pandemic. The order also legally mandates social distancing and the wearing of masks on federal property and urges local government to follow suit.

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    Piers Morgan Rules Out Donald Trump Reconciliation After Publicly Ending Their Friendship

    The Good Morning Britain presenter stayed in touch with Trump following his winning stint on Celebrity Apprentice in 2008.

  • The Independent

    Joe Biden’s inauguration speech: Read in full

    46th president welcomes ‘day of history and hope’ after taking office

  • The Telegraph

    Spot the difference: How Joe Biden has swept away the signs of Donald Trump from the Oval Office

    There is a new broom in the White House, and Joe Biden has wasted no time at all in sweeping away many of the signs that Donald Trump was ever there. First he signed a clutch of executive orders to reverse many of his predecessor's decisions, then he turned his eye to the Oval Office. Out went the artwork depicting America’s populist leaders and the military insignia that Mr Trump brought with him in 2016. In came the busts of civil rights activists and nods to the importance of unity and science. Perhaps the most striking alteration was the removal of the bust of Winston Churchill. Originally loaned to George W Bush by Tony Blair in 2001, it was removed by Barack Obama in 2009, a move the then-London mayor Boris Johnson called a “snub to Britain”. When Donald Trump came to power in 2017, he reinstated the Churchill bust to the Oval Office, proudly showing it off to Theresa May on her visit. In its place now, on the orders of Mr Biden, sits the bust of Rev Martin Luther King Jr.