English musician
Hip-hop-influenced punk project created by Yorkshire-born Dominic Harrison.
BornAugust 5, 1997
HometownDoncaster, England

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Yungblud took shot of whisky to calm nerves before meeting Mick Jagger

  • Yungblud took a shot of liquid courage to calm his nerves prior to meeting Mick Jagger. Earlier this year, the Rolling Stones icon touted the English musician and Machine Gun Kelly as the future of the rock 'n' roll genre. And in an interview with Billboard News, Yungblud - real name Dominic Harrison - revealed that he recently met the legendary rocker. "Mick Jagger is everything to me, as a frontman, as an activist, as a rock star, as a sex icon," he gushed. "When you're meeting a rock 'n' roll


Louis Tomlinson and Yungblud pull gigs amid Russia-Ukraine invasion

Louis Tomlinson, Yungblud and The Killers are the latest stars to pull their concerts in Russia.
  • 01:25


Yungblud, Halsey Feat. Travis Barker: 11 Minutes
Yungblud, Halsey Feat. Travis Barker: 11 Minutes