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WHO Issues Warning as COVID Cases Triple Across Europe

On July 19, the World Health Organization warned that COVID cases in Europe have tripled in the past six weeks.
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Latest coronavirus news

  • The Guardian

    New Zealand announces inquiry into Covid-19 response

    While strict Covid-19 response was broadly considered one of the most successful in the world, PM says inquiry will help prepare for next pandemic

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  • The Independent

    England World Cup success could be ‘key factor’ in Christmas coronavirus rates, scientist says

    People watching fixtures in crowded places were advised to take a lateral flow test before visiting elderly or at-risk relatives

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  • The Telegraph

    Why certain foods you eat every day could give you Covid-19

    Raspberries and broccoli might give you Covid, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has warned.

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  • Sky News

    COVID-19 cases in UK one million again with first rise in England since mid-October

    Coronavirus infections across the UK have topped a million again, with cases rising in England for the first time since mid-October, official figures show. The total number of positive COVID-19 cases rose by 6% in the week to 21 November, up from 972,400 for the previous seven-day period, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. It is the first increase in nationwide coronavirus infections since the week ending 17 October and comes a week after cases dropped below a million for the first

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  • Evening Standard

    Covid-19 can remain on some groceries for days

    Scientists have, however, advised the risk to consumers remains very low

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  • Evening Standard

    China to accelerate push to vaccinate elderly against Covid-19 amid protests

    Lawrence Young, a virologist and Professor of Molecular Oncology at the University of Warwick, told the Standard that China is in a ‘terrible dilemma’

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  • Sky News

    Twitter quietly drops policy preventing sharing of COVID-19 misinformation

    Twitter has quietly dropped its policy preventing the sharing of false or misleading information about COVID-19. Under the policy, tweets containing misleading information about the disease could be given a label including corrective information about the claim. Tweets that violated the policy and were severely harmful could be deleted and the users temporarily locked out of their accounts to prevent them from sharing further misinformation.

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  • Sky News

    COVID-19: Australia to withdraw or refund tens of thousands of fines

    Australia's largest state has said it will withdraw or refund tens of thousands of fines issued during the COVID pandemic after lawyers found some fines were invalid in a test case. Redfern Legal Centre, a free legal service, launched a test case in July on behalf of three plaintiffs arguing their fines of between A$1,000 (£558) to A$3,000 (£1,674), were invalid because the penalty notices did not sufficiently describe the offence. "Today justice has been granted to three people who took on th

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  • The Telegraph

    Taskforce that ran the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to tackle a new cancer inoculation

    A vaccine for cancer is to be sought by a new taskforce set up to emulate the success of the Vaccine Taskforce (VTF) which delivered the world’s first Covid jab.

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  • Evening Standard

    China: ‘Zero Covid’ outlier imposes more lockdowns as coronavirus infections hit record high

    More than 6million people in Zhengzhou have been told to stay at home for five days as China sticks to its ‘zero Covid’ strategy

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