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From fleeing Iran to Olympian hopeful on refugee team

STORY: :: Badminton player Dorsa Yavarivafa will be competing in Paris 2024 as part of the refugee Olympic team:: She and her mother fled Iran in 2018:: London:: Dorsa Yavarivafa, Iranian-born badminton player:: "It means a lot because I am representing, as I said, one in a hundred million, so that means a lot to me because I can tell them you're not alone and I can tell them we are normal people as well, because not many people look at us as a normal people. They do get a bit dodgy with it, but I am really happy to represent and just tell them we are normal, we are normal people like everyone else."Yavarivafa would be jailed three times -- once entirely alone for a day, crying and taken from her mother -- before she made it to Birmingham, England at the end of 2019 and finally found a home.She said she fled her country for two reasons: her mother wanted to change her religion and Yavarivafa had repeatedly been rejected by the national badminton team without being told why."It was all worth it. Now, that I think back about it -- all that suffering is over so I'm really happy now."
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