Trans-Europe Express

Trans-Europe Express

Album by Kraftwerk
Trans-Europe Express is the sixth studio album by German band Kraftwerk. Recorded in 1976 in Düsseldorf, Germany, the album was released in March 1977 on Kling Klang Records.Wikipedia
GenreAvant-Garde, Pop/Rock, Electronic, Experimental Electronic, Kraut Rock
Release Date1977


  • 1Europe EndlessKraftwerk9:41
  • 2Hall of MirrorsKraftwerk7:56
  • 3Showroom DummiesKraftwerk6:15
  • 4Trans Europe ExpressKraftwerk6:36
  • 5Metal on MetalKraftwerk6:43
  • 6Franz SchubertKraftwerk4:26
  • 7Endless EndlessKraftwerk0:55

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